Call Of Duty Mobile Download Apk+Obb । COD Mobile Download Latest Version

Call of duty Mobile Download-You will learn how to download cod mobile android. You will also get Call of duty Mobile Apk+Obb Download Links Friends, you can play this version on any android device which has a minimum of 2GB of RAM

COD Mobile Latest Version Download

Call Of Duty Mobile Download Apk+Obb । COD Mobile Download Latest Version
Call Of Duty Mobile Download

New Update Of Call Of Duty Mobile

First of all, I wanna say that You will watch this full video If you wanna play this game.
Hello, friends welcome to my youtube self gaming. Hope you are going well and I'm also well. Friends this video about one of the most demanded games For Mobile gamers...I think after pubg mobile this game will be the most popular game for mobile gamers. I made a video on the call of duty mobile when it was released for India and Australia.

Now they have released a new beta version 1.4.0. They have released this version for Australia and Canada. So only Australian and Canadian people can play this beta version but It doesn't matter which country's people can play this game. Because in this video, I will show you how everyone can play this game from other countries. So please like this video and inspire me to make more videos.

You know that I always make legit videos but I don't get likes, comments on my videos. friends at least like my videos so that I can get more inspiration to make more videos...
Friends It needs 3GB Ram a good mid-range device like redmi note5. I have played it in Redmi note 3 pro and it worked without any lag or crash. friends, It's an online game like pubg So you always need a data connection to play this game. Now in this video, I will show you how to download the latest version of call of duty and also show you how to play this game from other countries.

Game features:

  1. High quality graphics
  2. Wide range of weapons and items of outfit
  3. Various maps
  4. Fight against other players

How to Download & Install:-

Friends this game is in beta version. So, now you can only play the beta version or you can pre-register this from their official website. I have given their website link below. So when you will go to their website there you will see a pre-register option. You can pre-register by giving your email. When this game will be released then they will give you a mail. Ok, Now let's see how we can download and play the beta version. You have to download this game from tap tap. Tap tap is an official Chinese app store. You will get its download link on my website.
I have given my website link in the video's description. You will download the application. So after downloading you will install this app. Now you will open this game. You will search dead by daylight. You will see the game. Now you can download codm download. It will take 1.5GB to download. I have already downloaded it. So I don't need to download it. After downloading you will install it. You have to download about 2GB more from the internal game. After downloading those data files you can finally play this game.

Steps to Call of Duty Mobile Download APK and OBB:

  1. Download the COD Mobile APK file and install the game. Click Here to Download(60 MB)
  2. Download OBB File Form Click Here to Download (1.4GB)
  3. Do not Open the Game after Installation.
  4. Extract the OBB File and Move into  “com.activision.callofduty.shooter” Folder
  5. Copy this “com.activision.callofduty.shooter” folder to Android->OBB.
  6. Now Close recent apps and Open COD Mobile Game.
  7. If you are in India or Australia then you do not need to use any VPN
  8. But if you are not residing in any of these two then download any VPN software on your phone and connect to any Indian or Australian server.
  9. You can Play with Guest Login and Facebook Login. For Indians, the Facebook login is working fine.
  10. I will Suggest using Guest Login as it’s a Beta Test Version later once the game is launched then you can use your Facebook Login.

After opening Call Of Duty Mobile

So after opening it will take 2 or 3 mins to download the necessary watch this login page...You can log in as a guest or you can use a Facebook account.... but you may know that
this game isn't released for all countries. So, you can face this network error problem...Now I will show you a simple trick to solve this will lose this game
and you will go to the play store...Now you have to download a VPN, you will download this Vpn . or you will download a VPN that has Canada. You will get many applications like this VPN. If it doesn't work then you will download another VPN. So after downloading this app you will open it..

Now you will click on install. Now you have to download this app. So, after downloading you will open it. Now you will minimize this app and you will the Canada app. Now just follow these steps. You will simply complete these steps.

Now you will click on this icon. It will take a few seconds to connect...So, after connecting you will minimize this application and You will open your game...Friends I hope it will work perfectly and you can play
this game and I suggest you that you should use a good device if you wanna play this game smoothly...Now here watch this login page. I will click the guest login. .If you face any error then you will again try to log in. Now you are watching that this game is running...Friends I hope you understand and like this video,

Call Of Duty Mobile Download Apk+Obb । COD Mobile Download Latest Version
Call Of Duty Mobile Download Apk+Obb

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