FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android 100 MB Best Graphics with Commentary

FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android 100 MB Best Graphics with Commentary

Developer: EA
Game App Size: 100MB
Genre: Sports
Updated: June 2021
Downloads: 2000+
OS Requirements: Android 5.0 KitKat, 6.0 Marshmallow, 7.0 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo, 9.0 and above
Memory Requirements: 1GB RAM
Rating: 4.5/5
Download Price: Free

One of the news that the soccer game community was most waiting for on mobile platforms is about the release of the independent version of FIFA and we cannot deny that its new graphic engine that was presented to us in advance simply made us fall in love and fortunately we already have it available this new installment by Nexon that makes even the official delivery by EA SPORTS look ridiculous.

Nexon is an Asian developer that, thanks to the authorization from EA SPORTS who owns and creates FIFA, presents its independent version of FIFA for mobile phones but with implementations that take us to the next level:

The new realistic graphics engine

A developer other than the original creators of the game had to come to implement a new graphics engine worthy of users who play FIFA on cell phones, with characteristics and elements clearly from the console game, they surprise us with these incredible graphics and this is already very significant. which is the first time we see FIFA as it should be.

For the first time we have animations

Do we ever imagine what it would be like if EA decided to adapt its animation package to its mobile game and thanks to the NEXON version this is the closest we can find up to now, since they implemented multiple animations that are fundamental today. for a soccer game such as the entry protocol at the beginning of a match, the celebration with the fans when a match was won, the cinematics during the development of the match and many more that you will be able to appreciate.

Without a doubt, this independent version gives EA SPORTS a lesson since it leaves the official delivery far below, in short, as if we were watching the PS4 game but adapted on cell phones.

After FIFA 15, FIFA 16 and FIFA 17, EA Sports developed a new Soccer game- FIFA Mobile Soccer. You can build and manage your soccer team and operate everything on the mobile because FIFA Mobile Soccer is specially designed for mobile. In Attack Mode, challenge others. In Leagues, play with friends. Meanwhile, get everyday latest content and try a totally newapproach to squad building.

Halloween special.

If you also enjoy playing FIFA Mobile Soccer, good news is that the game is now officially running its Scream Team Halloween program. You can earn Trick and Treat Tokens when completing Scream Team Live Events, find Halloween-themed Players items, and then complete Plans to unlock a special edition Master Elite Player item. Just wait for the new version to come.


1.       Quick, Fun and Accessible

Gameplay is completely re-imagined in the creative Attack Mode. Quick, exciting, turn-based matches will have you playing only your team's attacking chances for each half, before passing the game to your opponent to do the same.

2.       Tell the Story of the Football World

If it happens in the real world, you’re likely to experience it in FIFA Mobile. Live Events deliver new and fresh content daily based on stories and matches happening around the globe. Quick, fun mini-games reward you with themed Tokens to redeem for free players and packs.

3.       Join a Team, Conquer the World

No one can win alone. Then join a team is necessary. Join your friends’ team or other people around the world. Compete for bragging rights in inter-league Championships, complete cooperative league achievements, or take your skills and play against other leagues around the world. Climb the leaderboard and prove you can conquer the world of football.

4.       Your Ultimate Team Expands

A new approach to building your squad lets you create a bigger and deeper club, offers a simplified method to boost your players and gives you a better experience to manage who is on the pitch. Stay tuned throughout the season to find unique and exciting ways to make your club better.

5.       Unrivaled Authenticity

With more than 30 leagues, 650 teams, and 17000 players, FIFA Mobile is the most authentic football experience available on-the-go. Play with all of your favoritestars and immerse yourself in the world of football!


1.       Is the game offline?

The game needs internet connection maybe network fees apply.

2.       Can Children Play the Game?

The game contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended. It is suitable for an audience over 13. Parents need to notice this.


FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android
FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android

FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android
FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android

FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android
FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android

FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android
FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android

FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android
FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android

FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android
FIFA 21 Mobile Official Android

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