How to Get Free Skin in PUBG Mobile Free UMP9 Skin In PUBG Moible

Hey whats up friends. hope you are going well and I am also well. Friends in this video I will show you How to get Free Ump9 skin without any UC.
Yes, friends, you will get a new ump9 skin without any UC. Here watch I am using a new skin and I bought it by using fragments. Friends, You have to use 672 fragments if you wanna get this new skin. But normally You won't get this
You have to use a simple trick to get this new skin. Now in this video, I will show you a simple trick to get this new skin. first, you will go to the play store and download Solo VPN. Or check this videos description to get an alternative download link.
Sp after downloading you will open this app. Now ou will click on this Auto then you will see many countries.You will find out Thailand and you will click on it. Now wait for a minute, so after connecting you will minimize
this app but don't close it. Now you will open PUBG...So after opening, you will go to the Shop. Here watch redeem, you will go to the redeem. Now here watch new ump9 skin. You can buy this skin for 7days, 30 days or permanent. I have bought itfor permanent. It needed 672 fragments. So after getting, you will close your solo VPN. I hope it will work perfectly and It won't ban your id. So you can use this trick without any problem.

Download Link:- Click Here

Watch Video Tutorial:-

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