Champion Of The Fields Download For Android (Apk+Data) Latest Update April 2021

Champion Of The Fields Download For Android (Apk+Data) Latest Update April 2021

Developer: NetEase
Game App Size: 1.1GB
Genre: Sports
Updated: April 2021
Downloads: 20,000+
OS Requirements: Android 5.0 KitKat, 6.0 Marshmallow, 7.0 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo, 9.0 and above
Memory Requirements: 1.5GB
Rating: 4.5/5
Download Price: Free

Hey, what's up, friends? hope you are going well and I am also well. Friends in this video I will talk about a brand new football game for Android. this game name is Champion of the fields. It has been developed by Netease. Nowadays Netease is one of the biggest gaming companies for Mobile games. They have created many advance games like fortcraft, creative destruction etc. Really they are amazing. This game is an online football game like FIFA mobile. You have

to use the internet if you wanna play this game. Its size is about 500MB and I think it will work in 1GB RAM. but you know that nowadays most of the games are very advanced and they need a good device to run smoothly. So, I suggest that you should buy an updated phone. anyways I played this game and saw many amazing features. You can play online multiplayer matches with your friends... here watch this online match. There you will see these 3 modes to play...You can play invitational match...You can play with your friends by using this mode. You can play with random players if you play kick off mode. Challenge mode is coming soon! so wait a month it will come...Here watch local mode...There you will also see 3modes.
training, camp, evergreen league and practice.Hope you got it. Here watch ranking...From this feature, you can see your rank..besides it has a transfer market. You can buy players from the market or you can sell your players.
You can change your games resolution from settings option...There you will get a lot of settings to customize your game..besides you will get a lot of features in this game...Its gameplay, graphics, control everything is also very good,
so I hope you will like this game very much.

Champion of the Field is a real-time mobile soccer game. The game applies precise 4+1 key control to replicate console gameplay and fun, featuring cross-platform compatibility with PC, iOS and Android. Realistic fields, unique characters, exciting real-time competition, smooth control will create all-new mobile soccer experience.
Champion of the Field is officially licensed by FIF Pro. You can train thousands of real players and build your legendary team, win champions, relish in the passion and glory of true competition!

Fair Competition: Conquer the Field with Skills 
The game closely simulates the charm of soccer game by combining joystick and keys in precise 4+1 key control. Skillful control and teamwork will determine match outcomes. Everyone can show themselves in this game, whether a superstar or a rookie.

Real-Time Clash: Free, Smooth Gameplay
High-speed connection for smooth PVP matches. Whether it's shot on goal, through pass, short passing on offense or sliding tackle, marking, switching defenders on defense, as well as skilled moves like long passing, lob shooting, full volley, give-and-go, Marseille turn, etc., you can do with precision via joystick and keys.

Recruit Players: Build Your Own Team
You can train any player in the game to world-class level, or recruit star players to your club! Manage your favorite stars and team to be the best in the world!

Champion of the Fields App 0.103.6 Update

Substitution no longer requires a second confirmation.
Defenders in the penalty area are now more active.
Reduced the defense pressure in midfield.
Optimized the passing routes and positionings of attacking AI teammates.
Adjusted the balance of long shot attacks.
Added direction and accuracy settings for passing.
Optimized game smoothness on low-end devices.
Remade the Club and added a new shoes setting.

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  1. There is no game which can replace FIFA en PES

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  3. I always trusted you and you developed games that are interesting kindly i wanna see fifa 20 with no mobile vertification