Super Mecha Champions Download For Android Apk+Data

Super Mecha Champions Download For Android

Developed by NetEase Games
Download size: 1.57GB
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up
Note:2GB RAM Need

hey what's up friends? Hope you are going well and I'm also well.Friends today I will show you a brand new Battle Royale game which name Super mecha Champions. This game has been developed by Netease. You may know about NetEase because
It is one of the best gaming developers for Mobile games. Really They are great because they have developed more 5games within an year and all games are well known. Anyways this game is not like other battle royale games. It is a
different kind of battle royale game. I will show you the gameplay then you can understand this game. This game size is about 1.6GB and it needs minimum 2GB of Ram and a good processor to play smoothly. I have given download links
in this video's description. You can download this game from my website or you can directly download this game from TAP TAP. I will suggest you that you should download this game from TAP TAP because there you will get the latest version of this game.
Friends This game is in BETA version, So sometimes you can face some errors or some problems. After downloading from tap tap, you will open this game. You will face this downloading interface. So after downloading it, your game will be started properly. You will choose your language.. ok now you will select your server. I am from Asia So I will select Asian server. Then you will see this pop-up notice. This notice is about a Time period. I said to you that This game was in beta version
SO there is a limited time period. It means you can't play this game anytime. This beta testing will be finished on 31st March 2019. Here are the characters. You can choose one of them ., besides you will also get these characters.
So after completing your game will be started. This is not the actual game. it is just a tutorial. Now I will skip this tutorial. Ok now watch it. It is the main home page. Now watch mecha. Here watch these mechas. You can use it in your
game. Now watch one by one. I never saw this kind of mecha. Mecha means machine. Friends I will show you the gameplay of these mechas. I hope you will enjoy it. Now watch some characters. Friends these characters are very nice and I liked it.
Here watch, some events are not available right now because this game is in under development.You can only play battle royal mode. Even you cant play duo or squad. Now I will show you a short gamerplay . Hope you will enjoy it

1. [Fresh] Clash of Man and Mecha
Choose elite pilots of the highest level to operate Mecha with your team in the contest to be crowned as ACE pilots!

2. [Style] Zetta Original Japanese Style
Meet the arena in Japanese-style ACG city. Pilot Mecha through every corner of the neo-modern city and between every building. This is the Field of Dream!

3. [Shonen] Frantic Fun Firefights
Own the stage, the modern city right out of action anime! Move quickly, lock your target, aim and fire! Tumble through fires unscathed and defeat opponents in one swift motion. Strut your stuff and show off your unlimited potential!

4. [Team Up] Master Strategic Units
Engage in three-dimensional battles! Whether it’s jumping or flying aerial strikes, or melee between firefights, your skills aren’t the only thing tested but teamwork, as well!

I have given a download link in the below.

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