PUBG Mobile Update 0.12 Beta Download For Android

PUBG Mobile Update 0.12 Beta Download For Android

Developed by Tencent
Download size: 1.57GB
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up
Note:2GB RAM Need

hey, what's up, friends? Hope you are going well and I'm also well. Friends today I will show you a brand new version of pubg mobile. It is a beta version 0.12.5. It means it's not available on the play store. It has been released for beta testing
but after a month it will be released officially on the play store then you will get an update. Now, Friends, I will show you some new features of this update. I will tell it in a short time but if you want to know more about this update then you will
visit this channel there you will get full details. In this update, you will get 2new weapons 1st one is RPG-7 and another is explosive crossbow.  You will get these two guns in zombie modes. Here watch a new zombie mode has been added. It has a limited time
period. I hope you understand it. Friends spectate is also a new feature. You can allow this option from your game setting. By using this option You can see your friends gameplay. You can see his stats, bag pack, and everything.
So I think its great feature for this game. Here watch I am watching my friends gameplay. Friends here watch another new feature which is a companion. You will get an eagle as your companion. Don't worry You enemy can't see this eagle or It won't reveal your position. Only you and your friends can see it. I hope you got it.... besides you can see how many people are watching your gameplay. It is also a new feature for this game.....Besides, you will get a lot of new features in this update.So, friends, I think It will be a big update for pubg mobile.

I have given a download link in the below.

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