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Modern OPS Download For Android

Developed by Edkon Games GmbH
Download size: 360MB
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up
Note: 1.5GB RAM Needs

Hey, what's up friends ..hope you are going well and I'm also well. This video is about a brand new fps game which name is Modern Ops. Friends this game is available in play store. So you can download this from the play store.
Now I will give you a short review about this game.
It is an FPS game FPS means the first person shooting. SHooting games are 2type tps and fps. So. it is an fps game like CSGO. You might have heard about csgo. This game looks like csgo.
Though CSGO is one of the best games for PC users but this games developer has tried to make this game like csgo. They have brought many new modes here watch it. Some events are locked because this game is now in under development and it is a beta version. So, after releasing full version all events will unlock. You are watching these events. team deathmatch, point capture, deathmatch
zombie mode will also available after releasing the full version. So, friends, I hope you will enjoy all of these modes after releasing the full version. Now you can only play team deathmatch and after reaching level 5 you can play point capture.
Now watch I am using Ak47. There are lots of other weapons. watch these weapons. you will get an Assault rifle, sub-machines, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles. You can also use attachments like red dot, flash rider, silencer, magazine etc.
 You can use any weapon after reaching its minimum level. You can also customize your character. you will get some masks to customize your character. Besides, you will get a lot of things like med kit, grenades, battle knife, rocket launcher etc. So, friends, I hope this game will give you a better experience than other games. Its graphics controls everything is also very good. Its size is also very short. It is about 360MB. It needs 1.5RAM and Android 5.0. I hope you all can play this game.

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