PES 19 BETA Download For Android Problem Fixed (Apk & Data)

PES 19 BETA Download For Android

Developer: Konami
Download size: 1.2GB
Apk Size:- 36MB
Obb Size:- 1.19GB
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up
! You can also download cache from apk

Hello friends, welcome to my blog site self-gaming. Hope you are all well. You know in this youtube channel I talk about the mod, compressed and latest games. So, as usual, this video is about a brand new game which name is pes 19. Right now you are playing pes 18 but a beta version of pes 19 has been released by Konami. You may know that this game is released in October month of every year. So, as usual, Konami released a new beta version of  PES 19on September 28th. Really it is a good news for us but I don't know how good it will be after hearing some issues... Yes friends, there you will face many problems. First of all, I wanna say that If you are an unlimited data user then you should try this game otherwise you shouldn't try it. Now I will tell you what problems you are gonna face.

As a beta version, its network system is very bad and you will face many problems like these..I also faced a lot of problems Here watch, many events are not available right now. You can only play online matches but there you will also face networks error. For this reason, I did tell you not to download this game but if you have unlimited data then you can try it... it totally depends on you but don't worry,  It will be fixed after updating this game. Cause you also know Konami is one of the biggest game companies in the world and they are doing great jobs...

I have given a video tutorial link in the below. So, you should watch my video first

👇Download Link 👇

🎯PES 19 BETA Download (Media Fire)

⏯Video Tutorial How to Download & Install

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  1. What is the password for the game

  2. Good dude i a biggest fan of yours please subscribe my channel also clash with aryan mishra

  3. I downloaded the game and the game and obb but the app wasn't installed so I want to download only the app again....... How can I download only the app from self gamer.......

  4. I'm getting network error message continuously.

  5. Replies
    1. it only works on beta or even nun beta phone

  6. Just because the games and apps are on Google Play does not necessarily make them safe for downloading. apk files on android

  7. It keeps saying network error what am I to do?

  8. Please i downloaded the game but after the installation,I tried opening it passing the first stage where i choosed English,after the it keep on saying network error till now.please what can i do to ratify it

  9. Klau stelah dproses semuanya...matikan data seluler atau wifi nya...itu tipss saya...saya punya berhasil...

  10. When will pes 19 we be available worldwide including Zambia.

  11. The game was opening and it came network error why

  12. Comment faire pour avoir pes 2019 Android c'est difficile ub je suis en afrAfri

    1. C'est trop difficile frère moi aussi je suis en Afrique presisement en Côte d'Ivoire