PUBG Mobile 0.11 Version Download LightSpeed । PUBG Mobile Latest Update (Snow Map, Rainy Weather, MK47 Etc)

PUBG Mobile Download for Android

Developer: Tencent
Download size: 1.5GB
Version: 0.11
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up
2GB RAM Supported.

Hello, friends up welcome to my youtube channel self-gaming...hope you are all well. today I will talk about the latest update of the pubg mobile. The pubg mobile has got
0.11 version and its only for Chinese version. So, you can not download this version from the play store. Friends you know there are two versions of pubg mobile.. one is global and
2nd is Chinese. So, if any update comes then it first arrives in the Chinese version. So, you have to download the Chinese version if you wanna enjoy this new update. Now I will
talk about its new features and show you some gameplay of the new update...So, friends please like this video and help me to make more videos like this... friends this gameplays credit goes to the Rey Lagarto youtube channel...You can visit his channel.
there you will get a lot of new gameplay.
Firstly I wanna say that you will get a new car which is an auto rickshaw and its available for sanhok map. here watch some gameplay...I think you will enjoy it.
 ok now watch this new gun..its name is mk47 and it needs 7.62 ammo. I think its only available on sanhok map but if you get it on other maps then it will be great.
now watch some gameplay...I think it's a good weapon and we should use it...
 ok now will get a new attachment...I think its a laser light and it will help to aim our enemies..
Snow map is also an interesting thing of this update.. you will get snow area in enargle or watch this gameplay. I hope you will enjoy it.
ok friends, now I will talk about the new weather of both enargle and Miramar maps... on the last update you just got rainy weather on sanhok map but after this update,
you will get rainy weather on every, I think it will help you to enjoy a lot.
Friends death cam reply is also a new feature of this update.. you can see your death after you die.. yes friends you can how you died. So, I think it will help you to get more experience.
So, friends, I think you understand everything and got a clear information about the new friends I will show you a tutorial to download this new update.Ok friends now watch carefully
 friends if I have made any mistake then you will forgive me and let me about the mistake.

What's New:-
New Weather
New Snow map
New MK47
New Vehicle Auto Rickshaw
New Season

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Old Version:-

PUBG Mobile Download for Android

Developer: Tencent
Download size: 1.5GB
Version: 0.10.9
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up
2GB RAM Supported.

Hello friends, welcome to my blogsite self-gaming. Hope you are all well.
After a long time I Came back with another post of pubg mobile. The pubg mobile is improving day by day and now we have got  0.10.0 version.
Earlier PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 lightspeed version had brought a couple of major changes into the gameplay in accommodation with the dynamic weather feature..
It was night mode. Recently PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Chinese lightspeed version has just been released that comes with new vehicles, weapons, and weather mode.

Let’s go through a quick overview about what’s inside PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Chinese Lightspeed.
There’s a new weapon Beryl M762, this is an assault rifle having single, burst and fully automatic mode and it uses 7.62 ammo.
Beryl M762 is being compared by AKM which is one of the most powerful and the fastest weapon in PUBG.
The good news is that it will be available in all maps. this is not exclusive for Sanhok map.
There you will get another new vehicle.
After a long wait finally, PUBG fans would be able to enjoy a new Vehicle which is Scooter”. This scooter is available for Sanhok map.
this is exclusively available for the players who can enjoy the newest map and now with the newest vehicle. This scooter will not be available for other maps like ‎‎Erangel and ‎Miramar.
You can see New leaning mode with throwables “Apple”. it's also a new feature to improve this game's gameplay.
pubg mobile 0.10.9 update,pubg mobile latest version
pubg mobile 0.10.9 update

Besides  PUBG Mobile Beta 0.10 will be getting a new Autumn theme. With this new theme, the game will be remodeled with new structures and new environment.
Not only the graphics but also the looks will be changed Just like the PUBG PC version,
a new rainy weather map will spawn randomly in the game just like the fog or sunset mode.
 You can download PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Chinese Lightspeed and get access to the new features and items.If you wanna download this version then just watch my video carefully... I hope you will understand it. So without delay lets get started

What's New:-
New Weather
New Control
New Graphics
New Gun Beryl M762
New Vehicle
New Season

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🎯PUBG Mobile Download (Media Fire)

⏯Video Tutorial How to Download & Install

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