Payday Crime War Download For Android- Best Shooting Game For 2018- Payday crime war mobile version

PayDay Crime War Download for Android

Developer: Overkill Software
Download size: 400MB
Apk:- 50MB
Data:- 350MB
Version: BETA
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up
2GB RAM Supported. (Estimated)

Hello, friends welcome to my blog site self-gaming. After a long time, I cthe ame back with a brand new game which is payday crime war.

Finally, this game has been released by Overkill software.
They just launched a beta version of this game and it's for Android.
Though It been a week they released this game but only some beta users could see this game in play store and now its vine can't get this game easily if you are not a beta tester.
I suggest you not to download and play this game right now cause if you gonna play this game right now then you will face many problems.. so, friends you should wait for their official version and I hope you will get the official version very soon!
Payday Crime war for Android,Payday Crime war for Android beta
Payday Crime war for Android

Anyways this games size is about 400MB and as usual it's an online game...yes friends its a fully online game. Please don't comment in the box about it.
Now it's about configuration!
I told you that this game was in beta version. For this, I cant say anything about its configuration. 
I checked this game on my redmi note 3 pro and it Worked without any problem. This gameplay was recorded by redmi note 3 pro and you are watching its gameplay.

Now its time to talk about this games feature
You may know pubg,fortnite etc battel royal games because now they are trending....these games are the battle royal game but pay day is a PVP game like csgo.
You might have Heard about csgo.. Csgo is one the most popular shooting game for pc and pay day crime war is as similar as csgo but there has some differences between this 2games..
In the pay day, you will get 2options to play..  One is robber and other is cop..
You can select one of its then you will complete your missions..
Payday Crime war for Android,Payday Crime war for Android beta
Payday Crime war for Android Beta

Now I will talk about this games modes
Firstly you can see the rank mode. Rank mode is a very competitive mode.
If you win 10 quick matches then your rank mode will be unlocked
here is the arcade mode that is not avialable right now.. I hope It will also be unlocked after publishing the official version.
here watch pro mode is coming soon! I think it will also be avaialble after updating this game
here is loadout.,. You can chosse your look or character... Different characters have different ability.. 
There you will get iconic weapons like ak74,amcar,izhma 12g etc and I hope you will experience a better gameplay.
Here is the quick match .. Its a PVP match.. PVP means players vs players... So, in this battle, your team will have 4players and opponents team will have 4 players.
If you are killed then you will be repawn in 3sec and al last
most killer team will be the winner ...This game was lagging while I was recording this gameplay.. without it everything was fine but I should suggest you not to download this game
though I have given a download in this videos description... by the way , I hope you will like and enjoy this game..So, friends please click on the like button and inspire me 

Ok friends Now watch a short gameplay...

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