PUBG Mobile Sanhok Map Download Version 0.8.6

Developer: Tencent
Download size: 1.3 GB
Version: 0.8.6
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up

After a long time, I came back with another latest news on pubg mobile. It is not only a news but also a big update for Pubg mobile. I can say it is one of the biggest updates for pubg mobile so, in this post, I will talk about this new update and give you a better review. So, without delay lets get started.
Recently this update has been released on Chinese version You know that there are 2 versions for Pubg mobile, 1st one is the official global version which is available in google play store..2nd is official but Chinese version and you will get this version in Chinese store or some others 3rd party websites. So, you should know an important thing that when an update comes then first it comes in chines version. You have to also know that there are 2 types Chinese versions .1st one is TIMI and 2nd is Lightspeed, Developers 1st release updates in Timi version then they release in lightspeed. Timi has got this update about 1week ago and now Lightspeed has also got this new update. So, you will get this update in both timi and light speed. This new update has got 0.8.6 version. Sanhok map is the biggest new feature of this update. So, it can be called Sanhok update.

You may know, there are 3 maps for Pubg pc version. Erangle, Desert and Sanhok .before this update there were /only 2maps for Pubg mobile. Now after this update we got this new map. This map is smaller than other maps. You can compare its size with an arcade mode map. Its only 4 into 4 kilometers. So, in a short time, you will face many attacks from your enemies. I think it will be better than previous battles. I hope you will enjoy this map and you will get a better experience There are also a lots new features in this update. You will get a new weapon which name is Qbzi. it's a Chinese assault riffle but it's not so powerful weapon. It needs 5.56 milimitres bullet. The first person driving is also a big change of this update. You can drive in First person mode which we generally see in the pubg pc version. It is a matter of sorrow that developers didn't optimize this feature very well...For this, you won't get a better experience when you will drive in first person mode. without this everything is ok. friends,

You will get a new car which name is Mirado. It has 2 different varieties..1st one is with roof and 2nd is without roof...Without this, there are no differences between this two cars. Friends, you can also change your aim dots..there are some different types of a dot. You can select any dot. You can also change dots colour..there are about 8 colors and you can select it.....without all this there are some rumors that a new flare gun has been added ...If you shot this gun at the sky then a drop will be landed.. though I didn't see this but if it comes then it will be great. So, friends I hope , you will enjoy this new update and tell me about this update in this video comment box. I need your opinion and Don't forget to like this video cause when you like my video then it gives me inspiration.  So, click on the like button and inspire me ...see you in the next good bye

Timi Download Link:- Click Here

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