PUBG Mobile Update Beta Version 0.9.0 Download For Android & iOS

PUBG Mobile Update Beta Version 0.9.0 

Developer: Tencent
Download size: 1.5 GB
Version: 0..9.0
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up

Hello friends, welcome to my youtube channel self-gaming. Hope you are all ..Friends after a long time I came back with another of pubg mobile. Pubg mobile has got 0.9.0 version. This version is now in Beta but After a month It will be released in play store..In this new update,e you can see may new features like a new car, new gun etc more...So, in this video, I will give you a short review of this update and tell you about its new features..
I can say, Spectator is one of the biggest features of this update...You can watch your enemies or friends gameplay. I mean if you die then you can watch your enemy's watch it..... You can only watch 
it when you will play solo or You are the last man of your squad..even You can talk with him..besides that you can also watch your friend's gameplay.. suppose you are in the lobby and your friend is playing that time you can watch his gameplay.
I hope you understand this new feature... Here watch another feature which is night mode... From this update, you can play in night mode and it will available in classic mode.. but it will be available when the event will start. here watch a gameplay of night mode... I think it will be an awsome feature of this game...besides you will get a new gun and a new car...Here watch some gameplays.. Fpp driving mode is also a big feature of this update...From this update 
You have to drive in FPP mode when you will play fpp...You can listen to musics or radio when you are in driving
friends here watch a new feature which is lean.. You can lean and throw grandes..I think It will be more easy to destory your enemies....besides that You will get a new halloween theme
here watch this new theme...and a new graphics mode has been added...

So frinds I hope you will like and enjoy this new update and now in this video, I will show you how to download this beta version..

Pubg mobile 0.9.0 Beta Download
Pubg mobile 0.9.0 Beta Download

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Old Version👇


Developer: Tencent
Download size: 1.3 GB
Version: 0.8.0
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up

As usual, I am Siam and welcome to my website. You know this site is for gaming. You will get all latest gaming post. Today I will write about on PUBG mobile. Nowadays PUBG becomes one of the most popular games for Android/iOS. This games developers updating this game day by day and they took this game at a higher level. Recently they released an update on Pubg mobile. It is 0.8.0 version. It came in Chinese version. You may know there are 2 versions for Pubg. 1st one is global and 2nd is Chinese. Global is available in google play store. but the Chinese version is only available in Chinese stores. You should know that when the update comes the first it comes on Chinese version. That why Chinese is in 0.8.0 and global in only in 0.6 version.  after 2or3 months of release, it comes on global.

You have to also know a thing that there has 2 different version Chinese .1st one is TIMI and 2nd is Lightspeed, Developers 1st release updates on time version. So, TIMI got the update early. Now Timi has got this update but lightspeed didn't get it. BYthe way now I will tell about its features. This update brings a lot of new features. The big feature is New map. You may know there has 3maps on PUBG PC. we have also got this new map which is called Sanhok map. This is the biggest features. An s usual this map is as similar as pub pcs map. Besides this, you will get 1st person driving mode. It is also an important change. but sorry to say that they didn't optimize driving mode properly. You can play in a short place with 100players. You will get new skins for weapons. It will be looked like pc. There has also a new weapon added. It's a Chinese assault rifle. Its name is QVZI and looks like GROZA. You will get apple etc. So hope you guys enjoy this post. Share this post with your friends and spread love!

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