Heroes Unleashed Android game

Developer: JOLLITY
Download size: 500Mb
Version: Beta
Requires Android: 5.0 & Up

Hello, Friends welcome to my website. You know in this site I talk about all latest games. So, as usual, I will talk about a brand new game which name is Heroes Unleased. Recently this game has been released on play store. So, you will find this game in Google play store. Thia game has been made by Jollity.
They made an awesome game. I really liked this game very much.
Its size is about 500MB. As usual its an online game. I forgot to mention its category.  It's a PVP match. PVP means Players VS Players.

Your team will have 5players and opponent team will have 5players. You have to battle with them. You will kill others and others will kill you. After dying you will respawn. This match will remain about 5mins. After all this, the most killer or point tacker team will be the winner. There have also some other modes in this game. This is an FPS game. FPS means First Person Shooting. I think you know about it. If you don't know then go to youtube and search FPS game. You can understand.
There has a PC game which name is Overwatch. This game is as similar to overwatch. If you want to watch overwatch gameplay then go to youtube and watch it. This games gameplay isn't properly comfortable. but its control is very good. This game is now in BETA version. We can hope that after updating we will get a better game.

This games developer didn't mention its configuration. So , I cant tell you right now about its configuration. I played this game in my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro.
It has 3GB RAM. GPU Adreno 510.
it worked perfectly.  but I can say that I will check this game in my Samsung J1 mini prime. It has 1GB RAM & GPU is Mali 400
If it works then I will tell you about it.
I forgot to mention that this game is now in beta version. So, sometimes it can't be opened. If you need a gameplay then you can check out my youtube video. There I uploaded a gameplay and review of this game.

Here is Download Link:- Click Here

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