CrossFire Legends Android Game

Size:- 186MB
Total size:- 400MB
Works in Android (4.4 to Up)

You may know, I made a video on Crossfire legends, But it was in Vietnam or Chinese language. There I showed you gameplay, features, modes etc. Everything was fine without language but recently Tencent made this game with some new features and modes. I think you know about Tencent. They made PUBG mobile.
For this nowadays they are one of the most popular game company for mobile games. Anyway
Old crossfire legends were made by another company.
It wasn't available worldwide. The language wasn't in English. But this new crossfire legends is fully different. This game is in the English language. You can directly download this game from play store. Even this game works in 1GB ram. My device name is Samsung J1 mini prime. It has 1gb ram, mali 400 and Android version 6.0. This game is also compatible with this device. For this, I could download this game from play store and it worked perfectly without any problems.
I hope you can also play this game on your Android devices.

Now I will tell you something more special. You will get 2modes in this game.1st one is Battle royal and 2nd one is PVP. I think you know both of this modes. You can play battle royal like PUBG or fortnite and you can also play PVP like CSGO.
Yes, friends, you will get this 2 most popular modes. Even you can play this games with your friends by inviting them. You can play both of this mode with your friends. So just think how much this game is! You can also increase or decrease graphics regulations and its control is also very good. I hope you will like and enjoy this game very much cause I think you cant find any game which has 2 modes like this. Even you can play this game on lower devices. So If you are using a low device then you should try this game cause you can play this game without any lag or crash. This is fully online. So, you must keep a data connection to play this game. This games size is 186mb but total more than 400MB

cause after opening this game you have to download more 200MB.
Besides those modes, you will get extra 2 modes which are dead team and robot battle. So I guarantee you that you must like this game very much. I really checked this in my Samsung j1 mini prime which 1gb ram and it worked perfectly. Hope you liked this video. So pleases click on the like button and share this video with your friends that they can also play this game. If you have any problem or request then you will tell in the comment box and please subscribe to this get our all latest gaming videos.
PVP Mode
Battle Royal Mode
FPS Mode
TPS Mode

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