Bully 2 for Android

Developer: Italy Games
Download size: 18Mb
Version: Beta
Requires Android: 4.4 & Up

Bully is one of the most popular games for both PC and Mobile. Rockstar Company made this game. They first made this game for PC and other gaming consoles. But after 3or4 years lates they ported this game mobile devices. It is an open world action game. You know about the bully. there has a schoolboy who has to survive from the bully. He takes missions and completes one by one. You play this game as a character who is a schoolboy. Yo have to complete missions. There have many things to scatter, basketball, bikes, cars, guns etc. It was about 2GB in size. but this new game which name is High school gang is only 18 MB. You will find everything same as bully official. I named this game BUlly 2 but it is not an official bully game. You will get a huge map like the bully, you can see different types of weather. You can play mission like a bully.

It is so dangerous that the students have to go to school. 
You have to Stand up against the bad guys, you have to fight with them duel I have made a video on this. Basically, it's a gameplay video. You should watch my video

Gameplay and Download link in the video.

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